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Deep Steal Book Cover

In 2022, 9 billion red king crabs vanished from the Bering Sea, forcing the king crab fishery to close. The Water Horse team battles to help a devastated fishing community when they discover that the crab aren't missing-someone stole them in a way no one could ever imagine.

Now, the Gannon brothers vow to stop it. Boats, waves, gadgets, and guns drive action that can only take place on a Waterway Chronicle Adventure.

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While on assignment as a conflict journalist, in

South Sudan, Michael Gannon faces horrors beyond his imagination. Escaping brutal killers, he leaves his career in search of a new life.

“Clear Waters” traces Michael’s journey as he

come to grips with realities that haunt us all and the

quest of a new dream—and a new home, chasing waterway dreams.

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About the Author

Matthew Gore is not just a 30-year veteran video director and editor; he's a masterful storyteller whose talents transcend both the screen and the page. His talent has earned him multiple prestigious awards in the world of television and video production. As a seasoned entrepreneur, he brings creativity and innovation to every endeavor.


Self-proclaimed nautically obsessed, Matthew and his enterprising wife moved aboard their beautiful fantail trawler “Ancient Mariner,” to experience a life tempo unique to living on the water.


Matthew's love for the sea and adventure shines through in his ocean-based action-adventure “Waterway Chronicle” books. In these gripping tales, readers follow the exploits of Michael and Morgan Gannon, aboard their home, the 140 foot ship the Water Horse, that serves as the base for Water Horse Expeditions. With each page, Matthew takes you along with his cast of characters into a world of thrilling escapades and nautical mysteries that unfold against a backdrop of waves, guns,  and gadgets, upon the boundless oceans and waterways of the world. Dive into the excitement and shove off with Matthew on his next chase for waterway dreams.

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